Outgas "Outgas" is a gas related from an organic material or other material in a vacuum environment. Beginning 1980, the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA) has been measuring outgases in accordance with ASTM E 595. This outgas data summarizes data on measurement of outgases of materials requested by NASDA and other organizations.
Materials Evaluation Materials Evaluation data summarizes evaluation data of materials commonly used for space application, such as thermal control materials, adhesives, thin-film structure materials and electric wires and cables, irradiating to them radiation (electron beams, proton beams, baryon beams and other beams), ultraviolet rays, atomic oxygen and other beams separately or compositely by simulatings space. Data includes variations in thermo optical characteristics (solar absorptance and normal infrared emittance), in material characteristics (planar properties, mass and other characteristics), in mechanical characteristics and material analyses.